From feasibility studies
to GMP manufacturing

The ColoPulse technology offers a pH-controlled pulsatile release system. At Colonova we increase the possibilities of your success. We provide oral formulation development for pharmaceutical companies working in colon-related diseases who need a partner for reliable, proven and customized oral drug delivery. Colonova’s patented technology platform provides a complete release and its broad applicability allows for its combination with small molecules and biological drugs such as peptides and proteins.

Broad applicability

Whether you want to increase the concentration in the ileo-colonic region or you want to convert an injectable into its oral form, we can help you with the formulation of your drug.

Several dosage forms

We develop several dosage forms, from tablets, hard and soft capsules and microparticulates.

Tailored release profile

Whether your drug needs to be released at the beginning in the distal small intestine (ileum) or you want it to release along the colonic region, we are able to tailor the release profile to your needs.

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