Oral drug delivery made Easy

Looking for an integrated solution to ensure your small molecule or biologic reaches the most difficult regions of the gastrointestinal tract? We offer a fully customisable and clinically proven delivery solution that enables reliable and rapid release.

Targeted delivery. Challenge accepted!

Delivery of drugs to sites beyond the stomach is specially challenging and highly desirable. Show More

    To avoid that drugs are destroyed by the acid conditions, our technology protects the active ingredient until it reaches the desired region.

Release as reliable AS it can get

There are few solutions to obtain site specific release to specific parts in the gastrointestinal. Show More

    However, the reliability of these systems is rather limited by the significant variations that occur in the oro-caecal transit time. When the transit is faster or slower than expected the drug may be released at the wrong site or outside the absorption window of the drug.

Small molecules, peptides, antibodies

Our technology provides a unique platform for almost any active ingredient. Show More

    Targeting the large intestine is one of the biggest challenges in formulation development of oral drugs. Our technology takes advantage of the special features of the large intestine such as the long residence time (20-30h), the small fluid volume and the reduced enzymatic activity.

Pick your active ingredient. We make sure it gets where you want.

Decide which molecule you want to bring to your target region in the gastrointestinal tract, and we’ll create your oral formulation with site-specific release.

Adjust what you need. Release rate, region of the gastroinstestinal tract, dosage form.

Give your active ingredient the right formulation and adapt it according to your needs. 


The ColoPulse technology platform has gone through extensive testing and clinical investigation in more than 200 people.

Want to learn about how to enhance your active ingredient?

Colonova offers strategies tailored to speed up drug development and strategic decision-making.